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With and beyond the state −− co-production as a route to political influence, power and transformation for grassroots organizations

This paper reviews the use of co-production – with state and citizens working together – as a grassroots strategy to secure political influence…

Author(s): Diana Mitlin

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Volume 20, Pages 339-360

(Academic Papers)

Editorial: The social and political basis for citizen action on urban poverty reduction

Author(s): David Satterthwaite

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Volume 20, Pages 307-318

(Academic Papers)

Bridging local institutions and civil society in Latin America: can city to city cooperation make a difference?

In order to improve the quality of urban governance in cities in the South, it is believed that local institutions and citizens should be brought…

Author(s): Marike Bontenbal and Paul Van Lindert

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Volume 20, Pages 465-481

(Academic Papers)

A tale of two wards: political participation and urban poor in Dhaka city

This paper investigates the extent of political participation of the urban poor in Dhaka, identifying the actors with whom the urban poor interact…

Author(s): Nicola Banks

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Volume 20, Pages 361-376

(Academic Papers)

Urbanization and local governance challenges in Pakistan

The state of municipal services and infrastructure has deteriorated in Pakistan over the years. With the rapid increase in urbanization in Pakistan…

Author(s): Murtaza Haider and Madhav G. Badami

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Asia Volume 1, Pages 81-96

(Academic Papers)

New Delhi Private Limited

Date: August 2005

Country: India

(Films & Multimedia)

Holy River or Dirty Drain

Date: 2007

Country: India

(Films & Multimedia)

The rural-urban networks in India

Author(s): A. M. Shah

Publication: South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 1 — 27

(Academic Papers)

Developing new approaches for people-centred development

Jockin Arputham founded the National Slum Dwellers Federation in India and is president of Slum/Shack Dwellers International (SDI). This paper…

Author(s): Jockin Arputham

Publication: Environment and Urbanization Volume 20, Pages 319-337

(Academic Papers)

Rural to urban migration - murthy’s livelihoods story,Bangalore India

Country: India

(Films & Multimedia)

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