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Likely Impact of Reforming Water Supply and Sewerage Services in Delhi

"This study was undertaken to gain an understanding of the baseline water supply and sewerage servicesin Delhi, and assess consumer coping strategies and associated costs, their preferences for service improvements, willingness to pay and affordability for the preferred options. For this purpose, a representative sample survey of around 8,000 households and about 2,000 non-domestic consumers was carried out. The survey results bring out the deficiencies in services,and the significant coping costs the consumers are bearing. The survey data reveals that the consumers are willing to pay – and can afford – the extra cost that service improvement will entail. The analysis of survey data indicates that, for poor households in informal settlements, substantial improvement in water supply can be made by introducing/implementing paid group connections. Significant social gains, which could be as high as Rs 5,500 to Rs 8,000 million per annum,are expected from the efficiency improvements in the present system and other reforms that could be undertaken by the Delhi Jal Board.

Author(s): Smita Misra, Bishwanath Goldar

Publication: Economic & Political Weekly Vo.43, No.41

Date: 2008

Country: India

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