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New Delhi Private Limited

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New Delhi Pvt. Ltd. is an attempt to capture the city of Delhi as it gets systematically refashioned to become a 'world-class' space, a productive site of neo-liberal regime. Its urbanscape is being reconfigured to facilitate entry and transaction of global capital, most emphatically visible in the proliferation of giant transnational corporations, malls, high-rise housing and commercial centres, expensive metros and flyovers. As the space gets 'taken over', it has to be thoroughly and urgently purged of those who have toiled to build it, resulting thereby in a brutal destruction of their shelter and livelihoods. This project is planned and executed by the state-judiciary nexus. What emerges from it is a commodified, privatized and cordoned city space that comes at a 'cost' and therefore for only those who can 'afford' it…

Organisation: Hazards Centre

Date: August 2005

Country: India

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