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Urban agriculture as a survival strategy: An analysis of the activities of Bulawayo and Gweru urban

The major objective of the study was to contribute to a better understanding of urban agriculture as a food access or survival strategy. Specifically, the research analysed the lives of men and women who undertook urban agriculture as a survival strategy showing their reasons for involvement, type of crops grown and their access to and use of urban land. Special emphasis was laid on the influence of gender in the formal / informal access to and use of resources such as land, water, labour, fa rming implements and inputs. This research revealed that urban agriculture has improved the food security status of all households investigated in the study. Many grandparents fended for their grandchildren through urban agriculture. This was especially true in the wake of the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic that is wiping away the mid-generations leaving grandparents and grandchildren to look after each other. It was, however, not only the poor who practised urban agriculture, the rich who have access to more private land, capital and inputs practised urban agriculture on a large scale and reaped from it.

Author(s): Chipo Hungwe

Publication: City Farmer

Organisation: Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture

Date: 2006

Country: Zimbabwe

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